In Need for a Change!

Andres Vargas

Phoenix was recently named the best public high school in Chicago and usually the best schools have sports fields. Phoenix has a grass area in the back and that’s about it. Teams are forced to practice in other places and the games aren’t even close to the school. For example, the soccer team played three games at Winnemac Stadium and only played one at their home field, Douglas Park. This causes trouble for players and the team as a whole.

Junior Jesus Perez who plays soccer at Phoenix thinks that having a field could even help players feel more comfortable.

“ It would make the teams more committed and will also help them be comfortable during home games,” said Perez.

Junior Ricardo Villegas also plays soccer for Phoenix and brought up some key points for having a field.

“A field would be very useful. More players would be able to go since it would be close to school. Players wouldn’t have to go far to get to practice. So more players would show up, resulting in a better over all performance of the team,” said Villegas.

Having a field could attract more kids to the school especially student athletes.

“Having a field would attract the interest of student athletes. A field would show students that PMA takes sports seriously. So those students who take sports seriously would know that they will be supported by the school on their athletic path,” said Villegas.

The soccer team plays and practices at Douglas Park which is 10 minutes away from the school by car and 30 minutes on the  CTA, which is what most players take.

Overall having a field could really benefit those who participate in outdoor sports.