Teacher For A Day

Lesly Garcia

Senior Jazzlyn Gavina was one of the many cadets who taught elementary students on November 16, 2018 at Mary Lyon Elementary about money as a part of Junior Achievement.

I honestly felt that it was going to be challenging since teaching kids at a young age about money, saving, and the modern way of society was going to be too difficult to grasp,”said Gavina.

While it was a challenge for Gavina and her group, they decided to take it on and overcome it.

“I felt nervous still because some of the kids were loud and a little advanced for their age but overall they understood 80% of what we taught them,”said Gavina.

Although at the end of the day, she did enjoy the whole new experience and felt really sad when leaving the students. She created new bonds with kids that she never expected to create because they were  so young and it was one day of teaching.

“I felt so overwhelmed with emotions since it was so exciting to get to know the kids and try to find new styles to teach them. It made me feel wholesome. I wasn’t as excited in the beginning because the training made everything seem so boring and generic. But after I did enjoy teaching third graders,”  said Gavina.

Gavina is  an example that trying something new without prior experience can have a good outcome.