Posse Finalists


Kimberly Alvardo

For those that don’t know about Posse, it’s a full tuition scholarship program that is partnered schools across the country. Only 10-11 students out of thousands who apply receive the scholarship.. The level of competition for this scholarship is rigorous.

To receive the scholarship , there is  a process of three interviews. After each interview,  a certain amount of students are disqualified from the process. Those who  make it to the third interview are finalists for the top 20 scholars that may or may not get the scholarship. PMA has six Posse scholars, the process of getting this far is definitely an accomplishment.

Senior April De la Cruz has set herself  to excel from the start of her senior year by being a part of the girl’s volleyball team, bowling team and softball team. With such involvement and her outstanding academics, she is one of the top 20 in her senior class.

“I was shocked that I made it into Posse, I was scared that I wasn’t going to make it into the 3rd interview because there’s students with better SAT scores who would’ve received Posse,” said De La Cruz.

Posse allows students to talk about themselves in a way where a test score doesn’t just define who they are. The foundation seeks  students who are beyond what standardized tests say.

PMA has six finalists, seniors April De la Cruz, Sadie Ortiz, Jorge Ochoa, Estrella Villa, Amari Craig, and D’Ajahnae Croft

“ I’m a finalist for Agnes Scott College,” said De la Cruz.