Posse Experience

Destiny Dotson

Senior April De La Cruz is a intelligent smart young lady. She was picked for posse with 2,000 other kids. She is trying to get a posse scholarship so that she can go to school and have it paid for. April had to stages for this scholarship and the first round wasn’t so great.

“The first day was rough for her, “it took me longer than what it should have it took me two hours just to get there,” said Cruz.

While on her way she was very nervous because she didn’t know if she was going to make it on time or not. She got there right on time and wasn’t the last one either , she also said that there were kids coming from all over chicago.

“When i walked in there was different people, people i’ve never seen before there was hairy people , and big people tall,” said Cruz.

April said all of this and went through the struggles just to get a scholarship she knows that it’s going to be hard so she put in her all to be a finalist.

April has a bright future for her as she now is one of the finalist to get the scholarship.