It’s Just an Illusion

Kenny Wilkerson


Junior Kevin Vargas performs magic tricks for students and teachers at PMA. Vargas has been performing and studying magic for five years.

“My favorite trick is called the color changing card, my second favorite one is called sandwich by David Blaine,” said Vargas.

Vargas leaves his observers in awe, as he performed his tricks. Vargas performs three tricks: two card monte, here then there, and the ambitious card routine (the first trick he learned).

It all started when Vargas brought playing cards to class and began to do what magicians do. He then was spotted by senior Daveon Debose and was asked to perform a trick. Debose’s reaction spread throughout the classroom and drew more people to the magic.

“I think his tricks were amazing and unique because he’s so young,” said  Debose.

Vargas plans to improve his skills and keep performing magic as a hobby. He is also highly considering using it to make extra money on the side because he’s so good at it.

“Starting out with magic I was shy and more introverted and now through practicing and meeting new people to show them tricks, I’ve came out of my bubble and put myself out there,” said Vargas.

“ Sleight of hand is used when performing up close magic tricks. Deception and misdirection is also very important,” said Vargas.

Like every magician, Vargas never reveals his secrets, allowing his audience to question his tricks. Eventually the audience becomes intrigued to see more, Vargas continues to deceive again and again.