Hard Working Skills

Nia Hawkins

Senior Daveon Debose spent his summer like regular summers outside of school going to the lake, working a part time job. Later in the summer he found a better job that was much better at UPS.  He enjoyed his summer and his favorite memory was spending time with his family who came to visit his little sister. However, Debose also has a lot of regrets this summer .

Debose had a stable job working at Ups ,he would working countless hours doing hard labor work by himself and later to find He did not  like the job very much, he was not getting the help that he needed and the job was not working with his availability.

Debose later went on to find a job at McDonalds. He loves his job and he finds it interesting things throughout the day of work. After graduation Debose wants to enlist in the air force.

“I just truly want to live comfortable and make my live the best life anybody has ever lived,” said Debose.