Boys Softball Season Cut Short

Daveon Debose


This year the boy’s softball team entered the season with high hopes and expectations. Sadly their season was cut short after only playing 10 games with a historic Phoenix record of 9-1.


“It has been a really bad impact on me because this is my senior year and I was really looking forward to finishing the season on a good note, although we finished the regular season with 9 wins and 1 loss,” said senior Kenny Wilkerson.


Their season was cut short because of a simple mistake. The head of the league was using their old coach’s email to give them information about the playoffs so their current coach and the athletic director, Roland Paris, were not receiving information about playoffs.


“My hopes for the season were to compete in playoffs and eventually advance to the championship,” said Wilkerson.


Although the team’s hopes didn’t go as planned for the softball season they will show up and put on a show for the upcoming baseball season in the spring.


“You can expect us  to win the conference for the baseball season this year,” said Wilkerson confidently.