A young man’s career

Juan Cuevas

Jorge Ochoa, a senior at Phenix has had a great experience playing soccer. This is  the sport he is most passionate about. He started playing soccer at the age of 9 and ever since then he’s been playing and hasn’t stopped.

Honestly, it was kind of a coincidence. I noticed that the neighborhood park was hosting a soccer league but I didn’t want to join because I was nervous. My mother convinced me and I decided to sign up. If it was never for that neighborhood soccer league, I probably would’ve started to play at a later time or not even played at a competitive level. After playing for a couple of games, I liked the sport a ton and the coach was very encouraging, he thought that I had experience but in reality that was my first time playing the sport. As time past, the game caught my interest,” said Jorge Ochoa.

Jorge always practiced playing the sport to master it and become better. He did the basic skills to improve his skills on dribbling and ball control.  He had to balance school and playing soccer because he understood that they both required attention

“Some of my biggest obstacles was adapting to the level of play. There were times where I had to train really hard to be a top player on the team and not only be a good player but get good grades at school. I would say balancing everything was a big obstacle,” said Ochoa

Jorge had the opportunity to travel to England to play with a known club over there and learn to play a much comlex type of soccer. Over there they have soccer as the number 1 sport so it’s a top skilled sport compare to here. Over there they train for days and they play nonstop

“I really enjoyed the experience and learned a ton about soccer in England. Not only did I go against known academies but I learned how the game over there is played. The competition is tough especially because soccer is their primary sport,“ said Ochoa

Jorge Ochoa has a great opportunity going professional  with all the skills and technique he has. Seeing him pro wouldn’t be a surprise.