Life Of A Female Gamer

Manuel Vargas

It is rare to find a girl that has a passion for video games.Senior Melissa Herrera loves playing video games on her Xbox One after school , but most people don’t know that about her. In her spare time she plays games like Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite. To her these aren’t just games, she sees them as a way to gain money and knowledge.

There are successful professional players who just started off playing video games as a hobby, and now they’re making money off of it,” said Herrera.

She hopes to pursue video games or technology in some way in the future and is already taking steps to do so.

“ During my lunch period I would go to a classroom with computers and start to research and watch video of all these skills professional players perform in video games, I try to learn them at home. What I do at home is just practice them when I’m playing with my friend,”said Herrera.

She is an example of someone that is pursuing something that she loves to better herself in life.