National Guard to Army just like that

April De La Cruz

Senior Destiny Dotson is nothing but a hard working student who strives to do the absolute best she can. Already planning her future she gave much thought about joining the National Guard but after a recent conversation with volleyball Coach Toni, she is considering to go active army. She is willing to endure the tough challenges ahead to set up her bright future. The National Guard is a major step to her future. Not yet completing basic she is ready for the new challenges.

“National Guard will help me pay off for college so that I wouldn’t be so stressed out about my finances,” said Dotson.

Dotson originally wanted to join the  National Guard but after a recent conversation with her coach. She wants to join the Army and switch to active duty.

When Dotson chose active duty she was worried about having a mental breakdown, how she was going to handle being away from her family and how she was going to persevere through basic training.

Being the oldest  of her siblings she wants to lead by example. Stating that joining the Army isn’t just benefiting the government, but it also allowing herself to get a free education without having to worry about college debt.

Creating a career in the Army isn’t the easiest thing to do but having her overcome her fears and becoming an adult will help her achieve a better life for herself.  

Dotson recently said “Even though my mom didn’t want me join, that she was complicated this was a way for me to get through college.”

Regardless of what her mom thought about her joining a military branch she thinking about her future where she doesn’t have to worry about money.

Dotson is  creating a brighter future for herself where she has no struggles in her life nor with her family.

Not many students at her age would think about their future, but she did. She knows that there would be struggles for her if she attends college after graduation.