“Every student deserves a champion!”

D'Ajahnae Croft

IMentor matches every student in their partner high schools with their own mentor.The selected mentor is set to support their mentee during high school and then for 1-2 years after high school ends. The mentor and mentee are matched by interests. This way, the student can have someone who shares the same values.

Imentor at PMA  started when the class of 2018 were juniors. Then, the class of 2019 participated their junior year. Now, the class of 2020 has been matched with their mentors.

A Lot of the junior mentees felt anxious about meeting their matches.  However, there were also those students who went into the event excited and ready to meet the person who they’ll be matched with for 2-3 years.

IMentor was pretty good. I connected with my mentor immediately,” said junior Ashunti Epps.

Imentor events are usually precise, timed and coordinated  wisely. Everything is set on a tight schedule so that both mentee and mentor get all the time that they need. While some feel that the iMentor event was great and well planned, some believe that it could’ve been better.

“It was kind of boring, and I wouldn’t recommend the schedule that way,” said junior Seydi Corral.

However, what mattered was  that the mentor supports the mentee in ways like academics but also emotionally. The mentor will soon have to help the mentee with their college lists and getting ready for their final year of high school.

“I think my mentor will be able to  help me because he seems very passionate about helping me grow and better myself,” said junior Essau Ratliff.

Leaving the event felt good for most students because it was exciting to start this new journey with a new support system. Most mentees started building a bond with their mentors but some weren’t as lucky. Some mentors didn’t show up which disappointed their mentee. Some cancels were in advance however.

“I am extremely excited to meet my mentor and can’t wait to form a new bond and relationship. I am thrilled to be a part of the iMentor program and be able to learn new things. I am also looking forward to all the events and all the help that I can get for college in the future,” said junior Joeliesty Romero.