The Lungs of PMA

The Lungs of PMA

Anthony Catching

The lungs are a special part of the body. They take in what the body needs and transfer into what the body needs. At Phoenix Military Academy there are  a pair of lungs that have a similar function as the organ, her name is Mariel Melesio., Ms. Melesio has been working at Phoenix for seven years now. She works in the supply room where she is in charge of every cadet uniform to make sure the school looks good..

Melesio is not only a part of the Phoenix staff, but also the alumni. Melesio showed skills that made PMA’s principal Wipachit hire her after graduating college.

“I had a lot of experience with logistics and Mr. Wip called me to work for him,” said Melesio.

Melesio enjoys having such responsibility and organizing the supplies that the school needs. She works with  students to help keep the school looking good.Although she enjoys the job, she also faces many stressful moments like any other job.Melesio stated that it is very stressful during the beginning of the school year as well as at the end of the school year. Melesio said that retrieving uniforms from seniors at the end of the year is hard as well.

“Issuing out mass calls on a time when the demand is higher than the supply is very pressuring,” said Melesio.

The jobs requires not only the ability to count and be organized. It also requires mental skills like being patient and working at a fast pace without making any errors.

Ms. Melesio’s job is very important to make sure PMA is breathing.