Styled By Jada


Anthony Catching

Many people develop fantastic skills at such a young age. One of those people is Phoenix Military Academy senior Jada Honorable. Since the fourth grade, she has been held responsible for taking care of her own hair. Jada’s consistency helped her develop the skill of styling hair.

“She [her mother] did not take care of it and it started falling out,” said Honorable.

Her mother than would perm her hair and leave Honorable to do the rest, which was a mistake.

Honorable said she used to leave the perm in her head but that caused her “hair to fall out.”

Honorable immediately reacted and it became the beginning of her talent.

She  soon learned how to maintain her hair by  washing and drying her hair, as well as flat ironing it. She was held very responsible at a very young age.

Once she reached high school, she became very good with her hands. She began to learn to do more professional hairstyles like ‘sew-ins’ and ‘glue-ins.’ She is so good she even slays not only herself but a couple of classmates as well.

“I love how she do my hair,” said senior Destiny Dotson

Senior Nia Hawkins has also had Honorable do her hair.“I feel like a new person,” said


Starting at an early age,  Honorable found a talent that can turn to a profession some day. She let her talent speak for itself rather than her words.