Medically Trained and Prepared

Carlos Renteria

Homecoming is a night of fun and laughter, a place where high school students can enjoy themselves. This idea was turned upside down when a sophomore was stabbed before he came to homecoming but luckily senior Emilio Islas was prepared.

This year Islas was assigned the position of becoming Battalion Surgeon. He participated in a class paid for by the school, Phoenix Military Academy, and provided by Rush Academic Center.

“I’m a first aid responder which is a person that is trained to deal with any medical emergencies until professional help arrives,” said Islas

Islas walked into the bathroom where he saw a group of students surrounding the injured person, Islas walked over and saw the victim holding his leg, he was also wearing white pants which ended up being stained with blood.

Islas reacted quickly as soon as he saw blood and kicked out everyone from the bathroom so he can treat the victim properly. He sent a student who was attending the dance to go tell one of the chaperones that he needed medical supplies. Islas cleaned the wound which was located on the top part of the back of the thigh, patched him up and went to the hospital with him.

“I patched him up and stayed with him until he was safe with the doctors at the hospital,” said Islas

Thankfully there was enough supplies to help out the victim but Islas says that school should be more prepared with proper supplies to deal with problems like this. Islas was running out of basic gauze pads and he had no gloves to deal with the blood.

“The school could have provided me with better equipment to deal with the situation,” said islas

Islas recently talked to the administration and has convinced them to be more prepared and make it mandatory for every floor of the school  building to have a medical kit to be prepared for anything. Islas actions and knowledge on how to treat an injured person saved one life on that night and we hope he continues to keep this knowledge to help save others one day in the future.