Is voting important to you?

Joshua Smith

“We won’t have an democracy or any control,” said freshmen english teacher Eric Waller.

Waller is a democratic voter who is very passionate about voting in the upcoming midterm elections.

“If we let rich and powerful people make decisions for us we will suffer as regular people.” said Waller.

“They (election) are critical. Right now it is important because In the midterm election you are not voting for the president you are voting for congress. People in congress can keep the president in check,” said Waller.

He believes people who do not pay attention to elections are bound to be “screwed.”

Waller thinks people should vote because of what our ancestors have fought for. He reads, and watch the news as well as talk to family and friends to make sure they make the right decision.  

“They would wonder why did I make those sacrifices. I talk to my friends and family see what they think. I watch the news and read the newspaper,” said Waller.