Becoming a teacher for a day


Graciela Batalla


Seniors from seventh period JROTC class and other hand picked students were chosen to be a teacher for a day at Chopin Elementary School, as part of Junior Achievement’s High School Heroes program.

These students got the chance to be a teacher for a day. They were in charge of teaching kids from different grades for four to five sessions of what Junior Achievement had provided them. Some have experienced this program and others were completely new to this experience. Senior Deyanna Green was one of the new students.

“I expected it to be very easy and that it would require little to none work. I was absolutely wrong. It was surprisingly very challenging and I found myself lost at what to do in the time that I was given,” said Green.

Students had two days to prepare and actually act it out, because of this, many groups were unprepared and went in with a mindset telling them that it would be a piece of cake.

Green and her partner senior Michelle Polk completed the first session smoothly, but afterwards they were lost and had to improvise.

“I wish that I had gone in with a different mentality and that I had practiced what we were going to do with the students,” said Green.

This was one of they major regrets for Green and Polk, but next time they will  prepare more and have back-up plans.