McDonald’s Meets Nuñez

Anthony Catching


“Sorry, the ice-cream machine is broke again!”Saving up for a car, senior Cindy Nuñez has been dedicated to her job at McDonald’s  down the street from school for four months. Nuñez has been working  at McDonald’s franchise for quite awhile now and it has not been easy.

“I dislike the morning shifts and the late shifts,” said Nuñez.

Nuñez’s initial problem came with the switch from morning to late shifts. She was also very nervous about meeting new people.

Nuñez also had to deal with times the crew were put in bad predicaments like having scarce amounts of ingredients and being understaffed. She disliked the burns and scratches when working the grill and  having to socialize with her new coworkers. Yet she was dedicated to get herself a car!

“I felt really nervous but I was kind of excited knowing that I was gonna make my own money,” said  Nuñez.

Now that her rookie days are n over, Nuñez enjoys her job and  joking around with the crew as well as getting the job done.  

“I feel more comfortable working there now since I have made friends and I enjoy joking with the managers,” said Nuñez.

Nuñez initially wanted to pursue h after school job in the retail field but faith had another route for her. She  plans to quit when she has saved enough to buy her car. She also is planning her termination to put her education first.