Keilyn Torres

Seniors and juniors are pissed.

Before admission into Phoenix, cadets were promised a Chromebook for all four years of high school. The deal was students would be issued a Chromebook their freshman year which they would keep for the entire school year then return for the summer to be kept at school until the beginning of the next year where they will be issued the same laptop. Students also had to pay a $75 insurance fee every year, which covered any repairs. The students were also promised that after graduation the Chromebooks would be given to them to keep to help during college.

This year, however, the students found out that they are no longer going to be issued their Chromebook or be able to keep it after graduation because the Chromebooks were going to be used for a Chromebook cart system for everyone in the school to use. Students were not notified about the change until teachers told them the first week of school.

“I felt like it was wrong. They made the choice of taking away the Chromebooks without telling us sooner so we could find a way of replacing the Chromebooks,” said Senior Yesenia Camacho.

Camacho said if she had been told earlier she could have at least budgeted to buy herself a laptop or Chromebook.

It has been overwhelming for many of the seniors to fill out college applications, scholarship applications, and FAFSA while also trying to balance school work, jobs, after school activities and responsibilities at home. Many seniors do not have computers at home forcing them to spend hours every night at the library to meet their requirements.

Teachers have also been affected by this. The teachers who usually assign and receive work online now have to find other ways to do this on short notice.

“The main concern is that I cannot connect my students to Google Classroom, and I have to accept handwritten work,” said Mr. Edwards about assigning homework.

The Chromebook cart system has aided some teachers with the way they collect classwork, but not homework. Also not every teacher has a Chromebook cart and must share  between each other.

Students now have to choose between scraping enough money together to purchase their own Chromebook or travel to and from public libraries for computer time.