Preparing to Take the Next Step in Life

Graciela Batalla

Senior Carlos Renteria is preparing to take his next step in life by deciding what he wants to major in at college and the steps to get there. However, he has not forgotten to have fun along the way.

Renteria’s favorite hobby is playing video games everyday after he finishes his homework, which has made him consider this as a possible career. However he understands it is a complicated career and other skills are needed in order to succeed.

“My games will be different based upon what people like, if a certain person likes that type of game then I would taylor it to that type of person,” said Renteria.

This is not his only plan however. Although he does like the idea of being a game developer he actually wants to be a physician’s assistant, which is basically a  healthcare professional who practices medicine as a part of a healthcare team.However, he has not always been a great student. During his freshman and sophomore year he never really tried in school and let it go by like as if it were middle school.

“I was struggling so much because I thought this was regular grade school and it was really easy until my junior year. Then it finally clicked that this is my future, I have to start trying now,” said Renteria.

After realizing what he has done wrong, he started to fix his mistakes and started to turn in work early and participate more in class, as well as staying organized and being on track.