A Senior’s Big Moves After High School

Andres Vargas

   Senioritis has not hit this senior. Senior Lesly Garcia’s current life and career plans are to finish high school and go to college.

   Garcia is very happy to be in her last year of high school and it’s something she has been looking forward to.

   “It’s something I’ve always been happy for so it feels good to finally have my year,” said Garcia

   Garcia plans go to a community college, preferably Malcolm X, or maybe even attend UIC. She already has her career planned out.

   “I plan on studying for athletic training or to be a physical therapist,” said Garcia.

   Although, Garcia wanted to be a nurse she realized she wanted to participate in the sports field.

    Not many college students know what they want to study when they start school. Garcia plans to study to become an athletic trainer or a physical therapist. However, she is still interested in nursing, which was originally her first option.

   Garcia has a great passion for sports and wants to take part in them one way or another.

“I would see during games what trainers would do and I wanted to do the same thing as long as I’m involved in sports,” said Garcia.

    Garcia has her career all planned out which will take her fours years of college to finish. She has been influenced by sports and that’s why she wants to take part in athletic training or physical therapy. Garcia feels that she is prepared to go off to college