Success is coming and its name is Khalid Herron

Omar Perez

Senior Khalid Herron, a high school athlete and an Advanced Placement student, has a one track mind to success. Overall, Herron believes he’s an outstanding student and hopes to be more than successful one day.

One of the classes Herron enjoys is his journalism class taught by Mrs. Fernandez, whom also teaches Drivers Ed. Herron has had her class for two years now and enjoys it very much.

“It’s a pretty chill class and most of the work is done in class,” said Herron.

Herron is also in College Algebra classes with Mrs. Lentynska and says that the class is tough.

Herron has had a love for basketball all his life and wants to pursue a career in the NBA. Everyday after school Herron dedicates his time to basketball and improving himself to become something better than himself.

This October, Herron plans to start attending the Top Hundred and Twenty Camp, which is a basketball camp to further prepare him for his career in basketball.

“I’m coming, this year is my statement year, I’m coming,” said Herron.

Herron says that if his basketball career doesn’t work out he would like to go into something dealing with physics or architecture.