It Takes Time

Jennifer Ortega

It’s not a everyday that an eight year old finds chess to be an interesting game. However, senior Jorge Castillo showed interest in chess at a very young age and has never stopped showing interest.

“I started playing chess with my step dad when I was eight years old.  He was the one that taught me all the rules of chess,” said senior Castillo.

He enjoys playing and practicing chess each day to advance his knowledge about the game and improve himself for tournaments in the future.    

Everyday he continues to practice he learns different ways to win against his opponent and learns more about what each pieces means. For example, which pieces has more advantage to take out the other player pieces or which one is the weakest pieces to take down. Some of the chess pieces are: the king, pawns, rooks, bishops, queen and the knights.

“One of my favorite pieces will have to be the queen. Another one will have to be the knight. Because they’re so powerful and can beat any other piece on the whole chess game,” said Castillo.

As he continuous to practice his hard work is acknowledge by  he has won eight tournaments in total.

“I played chess at home and whenever I wasn’t at home I will play it in my phone during my free time,” said senior Castillo.

Senior Castillo is a example of when you put your determination and motivation to one thing your are able to accomplish anything you want. He took time to learn how to play and practice on his free time to better himself.  

“I will get mad because when I will play and sometimes the game lasts hours for my opponent to win or me, because we will take our time to move the pieces,” said senior Castillo.

Even though it was frustrating at times and sometimes it takes lot of time to win. Senior Castillo does not let that stop him. Now he plays outside of school and the Chess club at school.