Pittman Builds Chicago

Pittman Builds Chicago

Yesenia Camacho

Senior Devin Pittman attends a program called Chicago Builds at Dunbar High School. He has been attending this program since last year. He was first introduced to Chicago Builds by the school counselors.

“The counselors sent a email to everyone and I just looked into it more. I was more intrigued about what it was about. I asked around and I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for it and give it a chance,”said Pittman

Chicago Builds original for males but then was changed for everyone. This program teaches the tools to be able to be an  electrician, welder, HVAC, and carpenter.

“This program is all about trying to give you opportunities to be able to work in the construction field,” said Pittman

Although Pittman doesn’t want to follow the career of a  carpenter. The activities he learned during this program he will be able to use them in his daily life.

“I really like how the teachers in my program don’t give up on you when the work gets hard. The teachers there in each field are there to prepare you for when you get out of high school and join the union and also prepare us for life,” said Pittman

Pittman will take this learning experience and apply it to his future career.