Eye Of The Tiger


Luis Gonzalez

What does boxing require ? Boxing requires hard work and dedication and has been around for quite some time.Junior Kevin Vargas has been boxing for Five years now at a gym on 2600 west 35th street. Vargas stays in shape by going to boxing every day after school.  


“Boxing by any means is not an easy sport. Boxing consists of mind,body, and power,” Said Vargas.


“Boxing is a sport that everybody should try when trying to learn self defense, discipline and overall get In shape,” Said Vargas


Vargas has participated in several tournaments like the Junior Tournament and Silver Gloves tournament. Unfortunately he did not place in the silver gloves, but placed first in the Junior Olympic tournament out of 20 participants. Vargas plans to continue boxing, but just as a hobby.


“There’s 1 in 10000 chances I’ll go pro and in the beginning you only make $500 starting and I don’t know about you but I can’t live off very little money,” said Vargas.


”If you are interested in boxing just go with your first instinct try it out, stay dedicated, work hard and I promise you won’t regret it,” Said Vargas.