Helping Him Shape His Future

Damien Ponce

Getting paid to be at sporting events  and concerts is not your typical after school job. However, it is a reality for one senior. Senior Josh Smith is working in security now because he plans to an officer in the future.  

Smith has the rank  of a cadet Captain and has set a goal  to become an officer in Washington D.C.

“I got promoted to guest services supervisor  where I supervise a team of people…then I got promoted to security supervisor. I pretty much work with the company on high class events,” said Smith.

Smith really likes his job because he gets  to see different games and artist perform while  getting paid.

“I love my job especially since my career in the future is law enforcement and I kinda am getting a feel for things in the future,” said Smith.

Smith usually works on weekends but the schedule can change so it all depends on what they give him.  

“I work just about every weekend but during the summer I worked every day for 13 hour days,”said Smith.

Smith spends his free time studying and trying to get into a good college.

“I study, do college applications and work on my personal statement,” said Smith.

Smith has had quite the experience at his job and witnessed some crazy things .

“I  had just started and in the first couple of days my  big event and I was working the barricade between the crowd and the stage and there was a lot of crowd surfing and people just everywhere,” said Smith.

With a lot of the interesting things he has experienced, there have also been  lows too like dealing with drunk or rude people.

“The worst thing to happen to me at a concert was when I was working the barcade and this lady was just out of her mind and I told her to back up and get down then she starts cussing me out and got her drink and threw it at me,” said Smith

Smith has not found a balance between working and school yet,  but is hanging on.

“I pretty much do work and school work. Whenever, I’m not doing one I’m doing the other,” said Smith.

He found a job that will help further his future career that he is passionate about.