Shooting My Shot Into 2k18

Lesly Garcia

Many Juniors aren’t able to say they made the varsity team in school, but Andres Vargas was one of the lucky ones!

Junior Andres Vargas loves to play soccer whenever he is able to and also enjoys playing with the school team.

“I’ve been playing soccer for 6 years and I started playing when one of my neighbors invited me to play with them, and ever since then I fell in love with the sport,” said Vargas.

However, Vargas did not join the schools soccer team until his junior year and that lead up to him learning many new skills and teamwork.

“You can’t just do it by yourself you need the team chemistry to make something happen,” said Vargas.

Vargas is currently playing as forward on the school team and has scored six goals. So far he is planning to make many more for the following games and seasons to come.

Vargas is having a very exciting season with his teammates from PMA and says the season is going very well. Despite the record being 2-4 the team has built a lot of chemistry and are doing the best they can in every game.

Vargas has mentioned that the team will be playing in city playoffs and hopes they get farther than city and on to state.

Vargas enjoys the sport very much he still continues to play with the PMA team and outside of school with other teams he gets invited to.

Hope everything goes well for the team and Vargas on his soccer journey!