Playing Games is What He Lives For

Joshua Smith

There is something about video games that can make a kid’s life brighter than it was before. When junior Damien Ponce got his first gaming system it changed him forever. Ponce loves to play video games after school at home because his uncle introduced video games to him.

Ponce loves to play Call of Duty or “COD” as he refers to it.

“I grew up watching others play it and I wanted it for a while so when I finally got it I stroke hard street (he really got what he wanted),” said Ponce.

The first gaming system he ever played was the PS1 an older model system.

“I had an PS1, it was a big brick,” Ponce said..

When he got his own gaming system it was for Christmas during eighth grade.

“My parents finally got me a system and a TV so I was on the grid,” said Ponce.  “I didn’t think I was going to get it. I was hyped.” 

He has so many games that he lost count.

“I have about 13 games maybe more though,” said Ponce.

He doesn’t play them; all as time goes on he just plays whatever is popular.

“Whatever intrigues me the most that’s what I play,” said Ponce.

Ponce really loves his video games and systems