Life of a Football Manager at PMA

Joel Cortes


Behind every good football team: is a good football manager. Behind every successful game is senior Manuela Chaidez, who has helped the  Phoenix Military Academy football team since her freshman year. While many don’t know the things that the football manager does, they are actually a huge part of the team.

“We help the players get their equipment such as, shoulder pads, cleats, and helmets together for a game. We also make sure they stay properly hydrated by passing them water during practices and games.” said Chaidez.

“It is something that can keep me distracted after school and I can use it to build up my resumé,” said Chaidez

Unlike many other schools, the Phoenix Military Academy football team is very competitive and driven. Chaidez is very happy to be a part of it.

“The relationships I have formed with the coaches and players are strong, like a family,” said Chaidez.

The team’s record to start out is 2-3. So although there has not been success as of late. Chaidez knows that the football team has a strong will.

“I know that they can overcome their losing record, they are a very motivated group,” said Chaidez.

Chaidez plans to continue to do this in the future as she finds it a fun distraction outside of school. Thanks to Chaidez the Phoenix Military Academy football team can train without worrying about being dehydrated or missing their equipment.