Can You Catch My Drift?

Hugo Sermeno

Many seniors cannot say they have run a race, let alone more than 10 5k’s.

However, senior Bisali Pinto has been participating in the program Chicago Run since she was in seventh grade by traveling downtown with coordinators to meet up for events.

She was very thankful for this program because she believes it has helped her grow as a person.

“I would think like why am I doing this but once you cross the finish line you feel proud of yourself and you realize that not everyone can do what you can do and that not everyone is up for the 5k run,” said Pinto.

Pinto does not regret anything she has accomplished in this program because she believes that this program has given her many benefits. She has learned that she likes helping kids who need someone to motivate them and push them to their limits, but most importantly believe in them.

“I plan to stay for as long as they allow me to because they helped me set my goals and focus and they gave me that motivation I needed,” said Pinto.

Pinto along with other program coordinators meet up two to three times a month to plan  events for the upcoming year.

“We roughly try to meet up two or three times a month at the downtown office to plan events for the future,” said Pinto.  

Pinto graduated from this program in 2015, and as an alumni she helps plan.

“Currently I am a alumni which means I graduated from the program already but I can still go back to help the kids. And before that I used to be like them and run races and now I represent them at meeting for races, yearly events, team building, helping kids get motivated,” said Pinto.