Traveling Debaters

Traveling Debaters

Aloisius Arellano

Debate is one of the sports that is most misunderstood for reasons that are obvious, there is nothing physical about debate. This sport is like no other because the debaters  have to invest so much time learning about the other schools and developing strategies to work around their tactics. Senior Joel Cortes and Junior Luis Trejo both went to University of Kentucky for a tournament at the beginning of this year.

“Having to invest so much time after school and prep our speeches beforehand, “ said Cortes about the struggles of debate.

Sometimes the hardest part of a sport is staying late after school to prepare for the coming days. Everyone on the debate team has at least one Advanced Placement class which makes it hard to balance debate and classes.

Having to prepare for tournaments is tedious work, especially when the competition is tough and if the tournament is at a big university. As far as competing goes, only the best teams are sent to the selective tournaments which makes everything harder. When  Cortes and Trejo went to the University of Kentucky the competition was much harder than they expected.

“The more higher selective the tournaments are the better the debaters, once we get to that tournament. Most of the rounds do get difficult the whole way. But, at the end it is pretty fun,” said Trejo.

The team learned a lot from facing the tough competition, but are taking what they learned to prepare for future tournaments.