It’s Official!


Uriah Allen

Last school year Mr. Faloona  covered for Mrs. Nowak on her maternity leave. Mr. Faloona has worked at CPS schools as a sub for some time until he made his way to Phoenix.

“I love working at PMA! I’ve worked at over 100+ schools in CPS, and this is—hands-down—one of the best in the city. The students, and the staff are both exceptional,” said Faloona.

Faloona teaches students the fundamentals of English, how to debate and win, and encourages students to improve their learning by working on Khan Academy. He’s known by his song , 773-202 ba ba ba ba Faloona!

The most enjoyable part of the job is when my students get excited to learn, and try new things, and also when they see themselves improving,” said Faloona.

Due to Faloona’s exceptional work he’s now an official teacher at Phoenix. His love for the school, the students and the staff have helped him bring positive improvements to the school.

“My inspiration is of course my family, and my little two-year-old boy Harlin, but I am also truly inspired by the bright, brilliant, brave young cadets that have here at PMA that want more for themselves in this rough n’ tumble world,” said Faloona.