The Newest Addition to the Firebird Team

The Newest Addition to the Firebird Team

Prior to being the newest staff member at PMA, former teacher from Curie high school, Brad Gill has begun his journey to become an administrator. Thus, getting to learn more about the JROTC curriculum and the advanced placement courses offered here at PMA.

Growing up in Lansing IL, the south side suburbs of Chicago, he attended T.F south high school where he got the inspiration of pursuing his career in education because of his business teacher and wrestling coach. Furthermore, being able to receive his masters degree from Concordia University and currently working on getting his educational Doctoral Degree in District Leadership from National Louis.

“Some of my responsibilities will include facilitating professional development for teachers, getting to know the parents and community, leading weekly meetings, and dealing with day-to-day operational issues that may arise. Ultimately, I am here to help PMA staff and students in any way that I can,” said Mr. Gill

Ultimately, you always catch a positive attitude from Mr. Gill and not a day goes by when you don’t catch a “Good Morning” from him.   

“ If you put effort into something and come up short, it is okay, but you need to learn from the setbacks. If I did not encounter some of the setbacks I had; I would not be where I am at today, so don’t let setbacks derail your dreams,” said Mr. Gill

Aside from being the newest staff member, Mr. Gill also runs the firebirds twitter account @PMAFirebirds