Welcoming the Golden Glove Security Guard Billy Stritzel


Kenny Wilkerson


Fighter in the red corner weighing in at 250 pounds wearing the gold shorts: Billy Stritzel!

Billy Stritzel, Phoenix Military Academy’s newest security guard, has a story to tell and lives to influence. Stritzel, grew up on Chicago’s near North side, has twin daughters who live in California, and has dedicated the past 20 years of his life fighting. After going through a divorce and a custody battle to see his twins, Stritzel decided to put his emotions into boxing.

“I wanted to put my emotions towards something positive,” said Stritzel.

Stritzel won the heavyweight Golden Gloves 3 times, in 2015 at the age 53, 2016 at the age 54, and 2017 at the age 55. Stritzel has also trained with his two nephews, Tommy and Billy Hughes. In 2016 both Stritzel and his nephew Tommy won a Golden Glove award. In 2017 Stritzel and Billy won a golden glove award.

Stritzel worked for the board of trade for 30 years then went on to coach football and be a security guard at Curie High school. This summer he left Curie to come to Phoenix Military Academy, where he still serves as a security guard and football coach.

“I’m passionate about coaching high school football and in order to coach I have to have a job in the school,” said Stitzel. “When football is over I go work out 3 times a week. Not many guys my age can do what I do and I love it.”

While Stritzel is maintaining coaching, working, and being an athlete, he teaches kids Sunday school at St. Peter’s Church in the loop, and still tries to attend church and remain a Christian. With football taking up his day he cannot attend the services held in the afternoon and evening hours but as soon as football is over he plans to attend service everyday.  

“My faith is everything, I try to live as a good Christian man and be an example for my twins, nieces, nephews, and the kids I coach,”said Stritzel.