Time to Grind at the Net


Yadira Figueroa

The Volleyball team finally played their first game after all their practicing and grinding over the summer.  

The first game was against Prosser on Friday September 7, 2018 in the Phoenix gym.

Although the girls won,they just started the season. They are still working on shaking off the nerves. Their first win  did not mean they could take break. Instead it will lead to more grinding to prepare themselves for the next games.

I was a bit nervous because it was our first home game of the season so we had people come watch. In the end we did win our game. For the rest of the games, I think we need to communicate more during the game and keep a positive attitude,” said senior Briana Quezada.

They practiced in the summer to prepare themselves with various exercises to prepare them for their upcoming games and success.

We have been practicing since the beginning of August, and we practiced on serving and the 3 hits (bump, set, spike) since then,” said Quezada.

Even if they are still in the process of developing their techniques, the team has put their skills to work in an actual game. They know what they need and what they have accomplished.

The team bond is good. Most of the team are juniors and seniors, so we mostly know each other pretty well,” said Quezada.