Raising Awareness or Causing It?

Mercedes Roncone

When you think of raising awareness, you think of people doing harmless things like a march or a protest, but when is it way too far?

13 Reasons Why, season 2, took raising awareness way too far. Most episodes were okay, nothing too graphic. It was mostly just a lot of people swearing and expressing their feelings, but nothing too graphic.

Not all shows that are put on Netflix are what you call family friendly. Although you can find some family-friendly shows, this show for sure is not one. Season 1 was very calm, not much happened. The show is about a girl named Hannah Baker, who leaves 13 tapes for the 13 reasons why she killed herself. Every tape is based on a new person and new episode. These episodes were not as graphic, but it did show scenes of rape, self-harm, and bullying. On the other hand, I felt like they really helped spread awareness of the three concentrations…until season 2 came around.

The public waiting patiently for the second season were really caught off guard by what happened. All the episodes were running smoothly, until the 13th episode. Everything surety started to get dark. The bullying that the people went through was very bad, some would even say it worsened. Tyler, the kid who is known for being the photographer of the school, got bullied the worst. In this episode, in specific, they did something that was completely overboard. The bullies beat Tyler mercilessly. Not only with their own hands but also by banging his head on the sink and dumping his head into the toilet. It started to get too graphic when they held him down and, without a care in the world, grabbed a mop and stuck it up his buttocks, causing him to bleed.

I believe that 13 Reasons Why is not beneficial for people to watch since so many people are just making jokes about the mop and even joke about gay people. People are missing the point of it. While 13 Reasons Why did try to have a variety of people from different backgrounds, it was just too much for people to handle. There are people of all different types of backgrounds who have tried and others who succeed in committing suicide. I believe this is not a show that is faint for the heart or for anyone who has gone through suicide or suicidal thoughts due to the fact that it might trigger them into doing so. How is this show raising awareness when people who are going through these feelings and situations are basically being mocked of? This just does not seem right.

In the end, this show was in good standing at first, but season 2 was just a total disaster. I recommend it to people who are able to handle it in a safe and mature way.