Sputnik Coffee


Located near the Back of The Yards, a new coffee shop that has opened in early April is becoming one of the most popular places to visit here in Chicago. Owned by two men named Vova Kegan and Diarmuid Horan decided to open up their cafe by the name of Sputnik Coffee, and landed here making many of their customers happy with their friendliness as well as their amazing menu that’s out of this world!

When I first went, I mostly understand that a lot of people aren’t fond of the morning but they are so friendly! It wasn’t a typical coffee shop where they only ask for what you would like, they were very interested to how my morning was and it ended up sparking a conversation about their new business. Turns out that there was more to Sputnik than I thought! They make their own coffee and grind it where you can get it entirely fresh. Aside from that, they have amazing pastries which are also made that same morning. I ordered a large coffee and a ham/cheese croissant that tasted so good. It’s what everyone needs in the morning! Now, although I really boast about this being the most amazing coffee shop by far, but it’s also very affordable! It’s not a typical Starbucks where they charge eight dollars for a cup. When I went, the total was only under ten dollars. It’s worth every cent when something fresh and delicious is at that price.  My morning that day was off to a great start so I thank them for their good attitude and fresh food. 

Overall, with good cost and taste it’s truly an amazing coffee shop that needs more recognition for their business. With good people like them, I hope the best for their business!  I give this coffee shop five out of five stars. 

To visit, the address is 2057 W 51st St, Chicago, IL 60609 and are open from 6am-6pm. Make sure to follow them on every social media platform they have!