Golden Apple Scholar!

Golden Apple Scholar!

The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois is a scholarship in which identifies many high school students talents and abilities who strive to be the greatest teachers in high-needs schools. They are prepared to work in difficult environments, as well as inspire them to reach their full potential. Senior Morelia Lara has been given a huge offer to become a Golden Apple Scholar, where she will achieve her dreams into becoming a teacher and serve to communities who lack role models.


“Becoming a Golden Apple Scholar makes it feel more real that I can accomplish my goal of becoming a teacher in a school of need to make a contribution to society and communities. I think becoming a Golden Apple Scholar is a great way to prepare me for the challenges that I may encounter while also supporting me financially,” said Morelia Lara

The Scholarship offers tuition support, up to $23,000, Paid Summer Institutes (with courses and extensive classroom/work experience), academic support, and much more. It must be a priority to want to become part of a field that you’ll plan on doing for a career.


“I didn’t always want to become a teacher, yet when I took a step back and realized the lack of opportunities being given to students in low-income neighborhoods, I knew I wanted to contribute. I know that teachers truly invest their time and effort into providing their students with advice, academic help, and instill motivation. I realized I wanted to give back what my teachers had given to me, hope,” said Lara.

Morelia will use this scholarship money and attend UIC to further pursue her dreams into becoming a huge influence to students as well as give back to her community.


“For students that want to apply to Golden Apple Scholars, they should start thinking ahead about their reason for becoming a teacher and how they can incorporate it into writing. They should start looking for teachers, mentors, or an influential adult that can write references for them. Lastly, I recommend that students truly seek out their passion to be a teacher and do “High School Heroes” with Junior Achievement to get insight on how teaching may feel,” said Lara.


Congrats to yet another Senior who will become apart of a role that involves leadership and motivation to the future ahead!