Cheers to Being Number Four in the State!


Get on our level!: Showed on a variety of news stations, you can see Phoenix and other alike schools that have been noticed as being the top 5 schools here in Illinois!

Recently, U.S News has updated Phoenix’s rank in the state, passing schools such as Jones and Whitney Young, but how? Well due to the high rates of many students excelling in AP (Advanced Placement) exams, Phoenix is now alongside very competitive schools such as Lane Tech and Northside. Nevertheless, the school thanks the students for their accomplishments here.


“As the Top 5 Best High Schools in the State of Illinois, I am very proud of the accomplishment achieved through the efforts of the entire PMA community. It became my vision to provide the same access (or opportunity) to the PMA students since 2004 when I became a first year PMA principal when PMA was located at Orr High School.  Mr. McCabe is the “founding father” of the PMA AP program. There were several “push backs” for the AP implementation at PMA. Nevertheless, Mr. McCabe and I were relentless in the implementation of the AP program with the introduction of AP Psychology. The program is currently comprised of nine AP classes offered. Mr. Edwards joined the AP Team when he taught AP English Language and Literature,” said Principal Ferdinand Wipachit.


It must be inspiring to see Phoenix implement an AP program that has improve throughout the years. Exceeding in AP placement exams, both Principal Wipachit and Mrs.Tobias are advising other schools and assisting them!


“With the momentum at PMA, staying “gold” is a predictable outcome when the AP program is effective.  I regularly meet with other military principals. I even mentored some of those principals as assistant principals or Resident Principals.  I appreciate their continued moral support. I guide and assist the other principals whenever I am asked and in any way I can. I welcome and celebrate the successes of the other military academies in CPS,” said Wipachit.


Currently, Mr.Wipachit is realigning the AP program and is looking forward to implementing new subjects for the rising students.. Phoenix has improved greatly  since it’s opening in 2004.

“ I see myself as a transformative and innovative educational leader.  I make every effort to have authentic and shared leadership at PMA.  I believe strongly that by working together with all PMA stakeholders, we can immediately and positively impact student growth and attainment. I continue to dedicate all accomplishments at PMA to the PMA ILT, faculty, staff, students, and the PMA Board of Governors.  Go PMA!!!,” said Mr. Wipachit