Khalid and the basketball team


Khalid Herron, a Junior,. is one of the best players on the basketball team.. During his junior year, Herron managed to dunk a ball in a live game. He gets a lot of recognition being that he is talented and so young. His sophomore year, Herron started to receive basketball scholarships.


“It feels great to receive scholarships because my school isn’t really a powerhouse school for sports,” said Herron.


It is difficult to receive recognition at a school that isn’t really known for sports but academics. Usually an athlete is good at their craft but not good with academics. Herron, on the other hand, is different. He is able to manage his time well and keep his grades up.


“I manage my time well and have no issues keeping my grades up,” said Herron


It might be difficult to balance school work and basketball, but the process it’s beneficial.


“Its beneficial, it teaches you time management and it gives you more Responsibility also it keeps me out of trouble.”  Said Herron