The Last Show


Looking her best! Arieonna poses for the camera and behind her, shows some of the photography work she captured.

Legends begin in a rough patch, and most do really leave a remarkable story that never dies. Recently, Arieonna Smith  has graduated from SAIC’s CAAP program (or College Art Access Program) where she displays her artwork and advances her artistic abilities for future masterpieces. Most displays are of photography and symbolism, well-known pieces such as “Appropriating Blackness,” are one of the best examples to her talent.

“I was fourteen when I got accepted and 15 when I started. Mr.Gunn was the one who introduced me into the program and I’m so glad I applied. I was the first to be accepted, even though I thought I wouldn’t make it,” said Arieonna Smith.


Although many students come to believe that by receiving an opportunity is easy to commit, there are bumps in the road that not many can overcome,however, it takes passion and dedication to make those difficulties be transformed into art.  


My parents got divorced during the program and it was really difficult to deal with. I had no sense of standing ground, and nothing helped me but Art. It shifted to enjoying art to helping me with life. Art was like a therapeutic way of dealing with my life,” said Arieonna Smith  


Many aspiring artist come far to see their true passion shine out of the rubble. Although it might seem too good to be true for many dreams to be accomplished, it only takes so much to realize that once the dream is in your hands, everyone must take it.


“Art is hard because it can’t truly be judged its all up to interpretation therefore if you are going to pursue art or go to this school or program put your all into it. If you love it and you do your best someone else will love it too and that’s all it takes to get big just try your best and be confident in your best that goes for art and anything else in life,” said Smith.


Art is a lifestyle, it can be most people’s dream to become the next Frida Kahlo, Vivian Maier, or their own revolution.