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Fortnite is coming in hot this 2018 with its new Season 3 update. New weapons and cosmetic items have been added, and a new Battle Pass was introduced. The map also has new locations throughout the map and has more challenges than it’s two previous seasons.  The game is free to play world wide and has taken over the gaming community. The game still follows it’s basic battle royale formula, which consist of 100 players dropping into a map and eleminitating each other for the first place spotlight.


This game is played by all ages, and can even be played in teams. When going against one hundred other people having a team of 4, or two, can really make a difference and could lead you to victory with the right communication and call outs.  The game has a lot of weapon variation which allows you to fit into any play style you prefer. The game also has a map that is shared with your other squadmates which makes it easier to pick a landing spot or pick a point to regroup if somehow your team has been separated.  


For myself playing fortnite is something in which is very intenses. I have been able to make it to the top 20, then top 10, then now top 3 is something in which starts as a very hard spot for others who have experienced the thrill over fortnite this is the most intense game now for 2018.


Most of all I recommend the latest game of 2018 “ Fortnite “ for those who are thrilled for excitement on new video games this is the game to be playing all 2018.