Meeting at Harvard to Debate

Meeting at Harvard to Debate

Yadira Figueroa

The debate team had a tournament at Harvard University on February 16- February 19,  2018.


Although they found themselves winning nothing and being challenged by other competitive debaters, they still valued the opportunity of debating at Harvard.


¨We did not win any awards but the simple act of qualifying to the Harvard tournament is a huge deal. We were the only military academy present and the only People of Color as well,” said Trejo.


Even though they did not win anything this time they appear to be a really strong team. They have made it far based on all the awards they have earned and for the invitation they received of being able to debate at Harvard University.


“Our accomplishments range from making it  to quarters, semis, finals, and speaker awards at every tournament. One of our biggest accomplishments this year is qualifying the entire team to city championships,”said Trejo.


They have practiced to make it far enough and some debaters seek to practice more.


¨ We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:32-4:00pm. We should be allowed more practice after school,”said Senior Guadalupe Trejo.


They feel like practice  helps them prepare themselves for their competitions. Them having more experience helps them be  more prepared.


“In debate we practice by reading arguments, going over new information and viewing our opponents “evidence” which is essentially the information that they are arguing,” said Senior Terena Clemons.


¨We weren’t able to win an award but the experience that we got with the tournament was extremely helpful in preparing us for our last tournament of the year in April,” said Clemons.