Avengers Infinity War Part One Trailer

Avengers Infinity War Part One Trailer

Avengers Infinity War has been teased for over 7 months now starting with a leak teaser trailer coming out during last year’s Comic Con. This teaser was not meant for the public and was only supposed to be shown to those that attended the event. After some interviews with cast from the previous Marvel movies, some actors like Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo slipped some information regarding the film that caused both a positive uproar with fans, but a negative response from producers and the Marvel company.


After all that wait, on March 16, 2018 the official trailer for Avengers Infinity War: Part One has been released and with it comes the official date. April 26, 2018 is the date where it will be open to theaters around the world.


Avengers Infinity War has been divided to be into a two part movie. We so far only know what will happen in the first film, but everything that concerns the second one is still hidden behind curtains. So far Thanos and a group of other villians seem to be the main antagonist of the movies. The Avengers, Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and The Guardians of the Galaxy are all protagonist in this film and are the ones that are going to stop Thanos.


In most of the previous Avenger films we were introduced to the locations of some of the infinity stones. These stones all serve a purpose in Thanos Infinity Gauntlet which lets him take control of anything he desires, whether it’s time, space, reality, power, mind, and the soul. Thanos so far only has a couple of the six infinity stones. This means that in the film we will see the Avengers protect the remaining stones from Thanos. If we want to start speculating the second film will probably consist of Thanos having all 6 gems and The Avengers trying to stop him from destroying or enslaving the earth.  


The first film shows lots of the events taking place in New York and in Wakanda. Wakanda is the village where the Black Panther originates and will probably be the location of where the last or a couple infinity stones are stored.