Getting Accepted to Ole Miss


Ole Miss, or the University of Mississippi,is  located in Oxford, Mississippi. Needing at least a 3.5 GPA, and a score of 1160 for SAT, senior Devonte Thompson managed to gain acceptance.

The campus is really nice, and when I would take a vacation down there I got to know a lot of students, and they welcomed me in,” said Thompson.

Since attending  Phoenix Military Academy, Thompson has visited Mississippi twice in the summer.  While staying there, he visited the campus and that’s when he met students from the university. Obviously, if someone goes to a different state to visit a campus, they’re highly interested in going to that school. For Thompson, University of Mississippi happens to be the one that interests him.

Since going twice to the campus, and meeting plenty of students there, Thompson believes that he’ll fit in perfectly considering that he now knows students going to Ole Miss. He still is in communication with them and has knowledge about the campus and the life of students there.

I will fit perfectly considering I know a lot of people down there,” said Thompson.

Thompson had Ole Miss at the  top of his mind when thinking of his top schools, but before applying Thompson also had something else in mind -enlisting into the U.S Navy. He considered the Navy, because he did not know exactly how he was going to pay for college.

“I actually did plan to go there, I almost changed my mind, and enlisted because I was afraid of how I was going to pay for college,” said Thompson.

The  University of Mississippi has a  program that you can take over the summer, and if you pass the school will take off half of your tuition. This would leave, Thompson with $11,777 to pay off, but Thompson plans to get scholarships to pay the rest off.

“I plan to get scholarships to pay off the rest, and they have programs that you can do, to take off half tuition,” said Thompson.

Thompson wants to be an Anesthesiologist, a physician or certified registered nurse anesthetist trained in anesthesia and preoperative medicine. To get into the medical field so he plans to major in Chemistry and Biology. He also plans on minoring in something, which is criminal justice so that he can have more options when he gets into the workforce.

“ I plan to Major in Chemistry and Biology so I can get into medical school to become a Anesthesiologist. I plan to minor in criminal justice to have something to fall back on, and it’s something I would like to do as well,” said Thompson.

Thompson leaves for the Jumpstart program on June 27 and finishes July 27. The program will help him cut his tuition in half and earn 6 credit hours.