Biliteracy Award

This year has been one of many achievements and excitement for Phoenix Military Academy. Adding on to this is the Seal of Biliteracy Award that many students have received over the years. The Seal of Biliteracy Award is given to students who are officially proficient in both Spanish and English and have met the requirements.

“Last year, 59 students earned this award and this year we are hoping for more than that. We will still test about 40 towards the end of the school year for more students to qualify for this award,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

This award helps students with job opportunities as well as with career choices since they will be proficient in both languages they have an advantage when going into the real world.

In order to obtain the Seal of Biliteracy Award, a student must pass the AP Spanish Language exam and also earn a 480 on the English Portion of the SAT, or pass the AAPPL exam for a student who has not yet taken AP.

“We have the most incredible students and I am happy to be a part of this recognition. We have so many students pass the AP Spanish test and do well on the SAT, the more that can wear this prestigious award the merrier,” said Mrs. Raygoza