Raptor 2013 and the 2018, What’s better?


When you buy a new car you expect to get your money’s worth. There are different aspects of a truck and some offer more than others, some can go from being reliable for work to being reliable for long family trips . There are many brands and models but, they each have the benefits that people need. When you choose the 2013 V8 Ford Raptor you’ll get your money’s worth. Even though the opposing side will say that the 2018 V6 Twin Turbo Raptor is better because it’s a newer version, I  however, have to say that a V6 is not made to be used for off roading and it cannot be expected to perform and be as reliable as a V8.

If you want to obtain a vehicle that you can rely on and not be afraid to step into any kind of terrain, the 2013 Ford Raptor is the vehicle that meets all of your expectations. The 2013 SuperCab Raptor has a 6.2 411 horsepower engine mounted on the front end of its chassis. The base model has a smaller 5.4 engine but it can still deliver an incredible performance. The interior is wrapped in a fine leather which the customer can pick the color of.It is well equipped to act as a mean ruthless off road truck, to a very comfortable family long road trip truck. So why not have two cars in one?

The 2013 V8 Raptor has a better engine that produces better performance than the newest 2018 Model. The 2018 Raptor has a V6 3.5 liter Ecoboost Engine. Even a minivan has a larger engine than this piece of trash truck!! I mean what truck that is made for off roading and to go through the roughest terrain out there, has a V6 3.5 engine? In that case you might as well just get a different terrain car,  for example, a Jeep Wrangler that also has a V6 and is an all terrain vehicle! Okay but anyway that’s not the case, this is why a V8 like the 2013 Raptor is the truck to buy.

I personally would want to buy something that I know will last for a long time and that is able to take off and reach the 60 mph in a couple seconds, than a vehicle that will have a harder time pushing itself due to the fact that it has a weaker engine. The difference of a take off is a lot between a 6.2 and a 3.5. Would you like to pay a slightly higher price for a vehicle that will deliver incredible performance or pay the same exact price for a vehicle that only offers you half of the performance you expect? Well I don’t think you would like the fact that the 2013 V8 costs $50,695 while the 2018 V6 costs $52,250, that’s almost a $2000 difference for a smaller engine, and the same body as the older version of the Raptor with the exception of its head and tail lights.

In conclusion, when you choose the 2013 V8 Ford Raptor you’ll get your money’s worth and you will be happy with the performance this monster will deliver. A V6 will never be the same as a V8 and it cannot be expected to make someone feel totally secure out there in the rough terrains where the help they can obtain if it breaks down is minimum. Don’t let a nice 2018 shiny Raptor fool you with its aspect and color. Buy something that you will rely on for mostly everything and that won’t betray you after a couple jumps of the outskirts of the city. Do not pay a higher price for a truck that has less than what you need and deserve for your money!