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Making A Difference

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Your choices can make a difference no matter how small it is.Voting is something that many Americans take for granted,especially those of us that are young.We need to realize in our city of Chicago, not a lot of things are right. We love to complain about all the things that are wrong, yet the solution to all of this is voting. It may seem like your single vote won’t make a difference, but in reality it does. If you try to encourage others to vote and show others the importance if voting your impact will be greater.

The process to vote is a lot easier than what many think. It’s all about making the effort. For starters getting registered to vote doesn’t take too long. It takes about five to ten minutes, at most,if you do it at a voting poll. Even after that when you do sit down to vote it will only take another five minutes, maybe less, if aren’t voting in every section. In total that’s about 20 minutes and if you have are already registered to vote, you will not have to register again for four years, unless you change your address or your name.

The process is not hard to vote and it is done this way on purpose to encourage people to vote. The only real work you have to do is research who you want to vote for and this part is honestly one of the most important steps because you never want to vote blindly for just anyone. Do your research on candidates and try to make a difference if you don’t like the current state of Chicago – Go out and vote!

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Making A Difference