Iphone 8 vs. Iphone X

Apple’s legacy has brought to the public the well known, iPhone. It all began June 8th, 2009, when the first iPhone was released as the first touch screen with applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Throughout these past nine years, Apple has developed newer more advanced iPhones Apple released the iPhone 8 on September 22nd, 2017 and the iPhone X on November 3rd, 2017.


The iPhone 8 is by far the best touch screen phone because it is able to communicate, take better quality photos, has touch ID, and has a glass front and back screen. This is the IPhone everyone should definitely consider.


Although I considered the iPhone 8 to be better than the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 does have such features as touch ID, and glass back screen. On the contrary the IPhone X has Face ID, a glass front and back screen, but there’s no home button.


Although it’s not the latest model the iPhone 8 is still reliable and more efficient than the iPhone X. Some would suggest the iPhone 8 since they are used to having a home button and touch ID.