National Walkout Day at Phoenix Military Academy

There has been an ongoing conversation about what would happen exactly on the day of the walk-out. There had been a lot of rumors about what would happen, the consequences, and the uniform. On Tuesday March 13th, there was  an announcement during morning formation about what will happen to the students who walk out. Students were informed that they can practice their First Amendment, but students would get punished and not be able to return back to school. Moreover, there would be major consequences like, expulsion, unexcused absence, and a parent phone call.


However, the next day, Wednesday March 14th, cadets  were informed at the last minute that they could exercise their  First Amendment, however, cadets had to sign a form and change out of Class A before participating.  Many cadets could not participate in the National Walkout day simply because they did not have civilian clothes. In addition, many cadets were upset at the fact that they were informed at the last minute meaning they could no longer participate in the walk out because of it.


“It was unfair that students could not protest at the last minute because they did not have clothes to change into,” said senior Morelia Lara.


Cadets  had to sign their names on a white sheet of paper to let the staff know that they would miss seventeen minutes of  fourth period. If students failed to return to class, students would receive a call or email home.


“When I participated at the protest, we marched around the school campus and chanted ‘What do we want? Change. When do we want it? Now.’ As we marched on Western Ave., many people in cars would honk at us and let us know that they were supporting us. We had 17 minutes to march to advocate against gun violence not only in schools but also in the city of Chicago,” said Lara.


As of now, cadets who did not return to school have not received a punishment – only a phone call home.