Yamid’s Journey Beyond Phoenix

Group Attention!  It’s 5 am and senior Yamid Juarez is up and running for her morning exercise. Everything is done according to schedule and her life is now at the disposal of what we call a sergeant? Yamid, being an honor roll student, took her opportunity of bettering her life by joining the army on active duty.


“The lifestyle I’m preparing to have does not look well with student loans from college, which is why I decided to join knowing my school would be completely paid for,” said Juarez


Considering Juarez attends a military high school, they’re not remotely forced into the army. Yet, she still decides to give up four years of her life in order to have one in the future. Her braveness to leave home for a consistent 23 weeks is unthinkable but worth the effort.


Juarez will be taking a job in missile inventory but she will also learn necessary life skills. Her experience should be bitter sweet due to the fact she is now a part of the United States Military.


“My only regret about my decision was serving while we have the careless president we have,” said Juarez  


Trump’s nonchalant attitude regarding the lives of the men and women who serve and protect this country is that of a child who understands nothing of what’s going on. It should also have a great impact on her life considering the pressure the Mexican/Latino population is under for their will to survive and come here to have a better life.


Overall, Yamid is destined to have a new and greater outlook on life once she returns. Hopefully this experience will teach her to appreciate things more, give her a deeper appreciation of the simple things in life, and her own freedom. Eventually, if she hasn’t already she will be able to say “I made it”.